Friday, March 15, 2013

H54F! 3/15

Hola! So I'm just checking in real quick in between the madness.

1. We've been in the new house a week tomorrow! Wow! Time has flown by. I feel like nothing is done but I know I'm getting somewhere.

2. My wonderful amazing husband bought me KitchenAid 13 cup food processor. I found it for half price because it is "refurbished". Score!

3. Well, this is probably last week but I'm still excited... We went to drop off stuff to donate at a local charity thrift store. We usually don't go in but today I felt the need. On this special wonderful day I found an soft serve ice cream maker. BRAND NEW!!! Just been opened. Okay it was missing a stupid little piece that is nothing but an extra. But you can tell it has never been used. Anyway. I had my eye on it for a while but it is usually 100 buckaroos. Couldn't justify that. This time it was 39.99 plus it all went to an amazing charity. Can't beat that!

4. You'd better redneckanize. Lol. I wish I had a picture but my husband is building us a new table and benches for out kitchen table. As of this morning it is no longer sitting in my kitchen on sawhorses. So many different projects going on at once.

5. We cancelled our cable. I'm excited about this. It is still a little rough right now but we will get used to it. I did download Hulu so hopefully that'll help.

So that is semi what is going on. So much really. Completely overwhelmed and procrastinating.

A lot of awesome things of DIY and recipes will be coming up once we are all unpacked.


.: so I can't help is a picture of Harold:.

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