so you wanna know what's behind those baby blues?!
 I'm Brittany...
 I'm a wife, mommy, sister, friend and daughter. I love Jesus (he's awesome). I love my dogs probably on a little bit on the unhealthy side of things. Cooking and Baking are my stress relievers. I'm married to the best man on this planet! We have the cutest most adorable little monster boy ever. I love Tazo green tea. If it is bright colored or sparkley it has my attention. I'm rarely on time. I love carbs. Swimming is in my opinion the best form of exercise. I hate to run but I'm trying to learn how. I want to start and finish a triathlon. I love all things Disney. I'm goofy, silly and love romance. I love manatees and would love to swim with them. Daisies are my favorite flower.

Those are a few things about me... so I hope you enjoy my blog!

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