Saturday, July 20, 2013

Let's Be Corny

So for some reason we had a huge surplus of Hot Dogs in our freezer. So what that mean to most people is lets get the grill out.

Not for us. Clearly we say "hey. wanna fry something?"
Yeah. We are really healthy folks... =/

So, we had fried chicken and corn dogs for dinner one night. Again super healthy. Mo, has his special recipe for Fried Chicken. He was busy tending to the chicken legs (Yeah they were all drumsticks too...)

I made a bee line to pinterest.(hey why don't you follow me. c'mon you know you want to =P)

I found this recipe for Homemade Corn Dogs!

It was easy peezy. I will say I did not have cornmeal. I just used a box of jiffy and regular milk.

Tip: Get your oil screaming hot. My first few corn dogs were pretty ugly because I put them into too soon. so yeah if you want pretty ones don't rush and get your oil HOT!

Finished Product! Yummy! Go make these! You'll thank me! :)

Friday, July 19, 2013

Holla!!! It's Friday!!!

I am going to go ahead and warn you this is a 100% photo bomb! Here are all the awesome things that have happened to me since last Friday!!

1. It was my birthday on Saturday! I am now the old 2-7. Yeah, that's right. I keep asking Mo. He assures me I am 27 not 28. lol

Some of my girlfriends took me out for a lovely dinner earlier in the week. I forgot to post it then but here is my birthday dessert that night!
2. We made homemade corn dogs. Yumm-o. I will be posting the recipe up tomorrow! Super easy! They were totally calorie free!!! lol hahah

This corndog was the prettiest one. The first few turned out really ugly. I should've taken a pic of those to show you want not to do. =/
3. Mo, the wonderful husband he is got me a Silhouette Portrait! Woot-Woot! He also got me Pitch Perfect, Jimmy Buffett Lullaby CD LOVE!, and a Delicious Disney Cookbook. Lil' man got me the first movie we ever watched together Bee Movie. We watched it in the hospital together right after he was born. Awww.

I can't wait to get this thing fired up! Everything has been super crazy lately so I have only been able to play with it a little bit. But its awesome!!!
4. My actual birthday cake. It is clearly the best type of cake there is. FUNNEL CAKE!!!! Oh Lawd. I am drooling again. This was my first year with Funnel Cake as my dessert but I think this will be the new regular. I seriously have the best husband ever!

I will be posting the recipe for this delicious funnel cake in the next week!
5. This is actually really late. I got my very first VoxBox from Influenster! It is awesome! Have you heard of Influenster? It is awesome! You write reviews on products and anyways they send you free stuff to review. Ummmm did I mention it was FREE!!! I've got some invites left if anybody would like to join. Email me or Leave a comment!

Review of all products will be coming next week.
"I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."

I am now a Plexus Ambassador! WooHoo!!!
If you'd like some more information on Plexus...Let me know!!
Alright, y'all! I think I finally got it all out there!!! So let me know if anybody wants some Influenster invites or you want some info on Plexus!!! Have a fabulous weekend!!!
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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Song Memories

Isn't it funny when you hear a song and it brings you right back to a memory. It brings you right back to that time. You can see it, smell it... everything.

Well, I've had this thought that every once in awhile maybe once a week or twice a month something. I don't know yet. I would tell you a random song that I haven't heard in forever and the memory it evokes. Reasons would be that 1. It would get me to write more and on a more consistent basis. 2. It would get you to be able to know me a little better.

Random Song #1

Sex And Candy - Marcy Playground

Okay, I haven't heard this song in ages. My major memory of this song would be my mom and mamaw taking me to McAlpin's (Department Store) for back to school clothes. We walked in the junior department and this song was blaring. I just remember that I literally wanted to die right there of embarrassment. I could feel my blood dropping to my feet and somehow at the same time making my face bright red. I am sure they didn't even notice the song but as a young teenager and hearing the word sex on the radio with your mom and mamaw. Yikes. I believe I tried to escape and/or maybe hide in the clothes racks. Yes, I was very sheltered as a kid.

That seems so silly now.

For the next song I decided to ask my wonderful husband. Mostly, because I love to know his embarrassing stories. They make me giggle. It took a little work but I got this out of him.

Mo's Embarrassing Song Moment!

AC/DC- You Shook Me All Night Long

Mo: My very first CD was AC/DC Back in Black. So as a kid I would be blaring that CD. In the garage and playing basketball whatever. It was always on. Yeah, when I learned what the lyrics actually meant. I was so embarrassed and never wanted to play it around my mom.

So there you have it folks our embarrassing song memories. What are your embarrassing song memories?!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Independence Day!

I just wanted to wish everybody a very Happy 4th of July!

I hope y'all have tons of fun, eat lots of food, and watch some fireworks.

As for me I will be tending to my polka dotted child...oh I didn't tell you. Yeah, he has hand, foot, mouth disease. =/ yeah... fun times.

Anyways, please enjoy my favorite holiday for me!!!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Being a mom is tough

   You know what? I knew being a mom wasn't the easiest job before I became one. With the no sleep, cleaning up puke, no time for yourself thing. I knew that going into it. That's what they tell you.  I'm going to tell you what they don't tell you. It is no reason to change your mind about kids. Kids are great but they change everything.

   I was always a generally pretty confident person. Not like I'm hot stuff confident. More of a fake it till you make it kind of confident. If I made a decision I stuck with it. Good or Bad. Confident, determined or stubborn are words I would use to describe myself pre-child. I definitely a 'come hell or high water' kinda girl.

   Now, though is different. It all started when I saw these.

   See, when I saw those two pink lines my world did not revolve around me anymore. It revolved around that little miracle. It started of small. Am I taking the right vitamins? Should I eat that? You know the normal pregnancy questions. Then my lil' monster was born.  It went to is he eating enough? Was his poop the right color? Is he warm? Is he cold?

   Omg. I could go on and on.

   I used to think of myself as weak because I didn't trust myself whatsoever. I realize though, that I don't think anyone that comes home with their first child knows exactly what they are doing or that they trusted themselves completely. I believe they would be lying.

   So, that brings me to now. My lil' monster is one year old. I still don't trust myself. I am however better at listening to my gut. For example, yesterday. He had a fever. It was his first. I panicked. Nobody likes to see their child hurting. At noon it was 100.9 not super high but enough for my senses were tingling. By 7 it was 102.4. I had been giving him meds as well. Bells and whistles were going off. Everybody had a different opinion of what I should do. Bath or no bath. Keep him covered or sleep in only a diaper. Take him to the ER or not. Seriously it felt like a war zone in my head. Even after I made my decision of what I should do, I could feel other moms judging me for it because it wasn't how they would do it. Let me tell ya. That makes the self doubt so much harder. You know what though. I'm glad I listened to myself. We did not take him to the ER. I'm glad I didn't because you know why? At midnight his temp was back to 98.7.

   What I'm trying to tell you. Is that with mommyhood you lose all sense of self assurance. You'll second guess every decision you make. You'll change your mind a half a dozen times. It's okay though. Jut trust your instincts. You are going to be fine and it's all worth it... That I can promise.