Thursday, November 21, 2013


I try to think of clever or cute titles (for some reason I accidentally typed titties and I'll be honest I giggled...a lot) So.... I tried to think of a title for this but I got nothing. My instinct is to do it like school paper style. What I did on my Summer Vacation. All underlined and such. but alas I am no longer in 6th grade English. so I will not be doing that. anyways on with the show

Today, was one of those days that I love living in the South. Back home it is yucky outside and here it was sunny and mid to high 70's. With this wonderful weather, I was able to play outside with my monster. I love watching him play and just explore. It is so neat just to see him learn new things and just experience life for the first time.

Sometimes, I think as parents we forget that this is the first time they are doing these things. They are still learning and taking it all in. Back to today, he was just roaming around the back yard. Just exploring like little boys do. Then all the sudden he sat down and looked up. There was a flock of birds flying over. It wasn't geese or anything special just regular ole birds. They didn't even make any noise. He just noticed them. Something I probably would have never noticed or how he looks at grass. He just picks up on things that I pass by. The way he looks at the flowers and how pretty they are. He notices the majesty and awe in God's creation. He is realizing how wonderful all of these things are.

It is something that I never expected to learn being a mom. I knew I needed to take advantage my time with my child because it all goes too quick. I just never realized being a mom would teach me to pay attention to the small stuff. Notice the pretty flowers or the way the leaves turn in the wind. Notice the jets in the sky or the way cotton candy feels. Notice how enticing a Christmas tree really is or how awesome Woody is.

If you are a parent, Have you noticed this as well? Have you wanted to soak every little detail in?

Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday Again!!!

Wow! I can't believe that it is Friday again. That seems so crazy to me. 

I hate that it seems like I'm only writing on Friday link up days. I want to do better than that. That'll be my November goal. 

Well, this week it doesn't seem like a ton of crazy things happened. 

1. We put up our Christmas Tree!!! 
 You know what really burns my biscuits is when people get their tinsel in a tangle because someone has the tree up early. I just don't get how me or any other person that has the tree up affects them? Ya know? Personally, if you are so worried about me and my family having the tree up in OUR home. Then frankly you have too much time on your hands. Get a hobby. 

*oh can we mention that this tree is older than me. So that makes this tree 28 years old. 
She looks pretty good for her age, huh?!*


2. I made a giant batch of beef vegetable soup. Probably enough to feed America. At least it seems that way. But it's super yummy and very healthy!!

3. I'm trying to eat healthy and somehow I had a cookie blackout. I made white chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies. I really don't even remember starting them. I was talking to Mo... Then I was putting dough on cookie sheets. Have I told you that they are my favorite cookies? Needless to say my healthy low-carb diet hasn't went very well. :/

4. I received my second VoxBox from Influenster! Full of goodies to try out. I'm still making my way through it. Have y'all heard of Influenster? It's completely free and you write reviews on products. Then sometimes companies send you products to test out and you tell them what you think. It's pretty awesome! You can sign up but it goes a ton quicker if you are invited. I actually have some invites if you would like one leave me a comment with your email and I'll send it your way!!



5. I'm attending and helped very marginally with the planning of a baby shower tomorrow. I'm not making the diaper cake this time. It feels weird not to be doing that. I am helping with the games and decorations. I just hope mommy to be enjoys herself!!

I think that's all that has been going on. Hopefully more interesting stuff for next week. 

Make it a great week y'all!

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Friday, November 1, 2013

October Recap!

Hey Y'all! It's Friday! The first day of November! Yesterday was Halloween.

With all of this I am leading up to say ...

It's ....  CHRISTMAS TIME!!!! oh yeah! I am one of them!!

But, before I hop on to the Turkey Day/ Christmas Train express. I thought instead of doing just a weekly recap I will be doing some highlights of my month!!!

So here are 6 of my most favoritest things that happened last month! (Like my good English skills???)

1. I was able to go down and visit my bestie, Jennifer! We had tons of fun and while there I got to hold an alligator!!!
2. During this visit we made lots of trips to the beach. I got to be on the Gulf for a change.
3. A life changing event occurred while with Jennifer. I saw a real life Manatee family. IN THE WILD!!!! I love manatees! They are my favorite and I can't believe I saw a mommy, daddy and a freaking BABY manatee!!! So precious. It was sad though. You could see all the scars on their backs. :( people need to slow them boats down!!!
4. Mo and I were able to go out for appetizers and dessert date without the little man! Second time ever!! Last time was.... oh....8 months ago!! It was well over due and we had a fantastic time!!
5. We all went to Jacksonville and of course as soon as we get all our stuff to the beach. It starts to POUR! It stopped within 10 minutes but I was able to see double rainbows multiple times. That city sure has my heart. #ilovejax
6. It was so nice to have some "girl" time. This picture is right before our airboat tour. I had so much fun down there. I really wish we were able to spend time together more often! Hopefully one day soon we will live in the same state or even better the same city! A girl can dream, right?
So, that is my October Recap! There are so many more but at this moment in time that is what is sticking out to me!!!
This weekend will be the start of getting the house Holiday ready!! Bring on the Spiced Apple Chai Tea and Christmas Carols!!!
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