Monday, April 29, 2013


I have been missing in action for quite awhile now. I wish i could give you some big story about why I have been missing but all I can really say is that I am lazy. It has been on my mind though if that counts for anything.

One thing that has happened since I last posted was that my step-dad passed. He had a heart attack and was gone. It really made me realize how life can be taken away from you in just a blink of an eye.

With his passing it has made me think about my own health quite a bit. Heart problems and problems of those nature run in my family. I know my step dad wasn't my blood but it runs in both families. Anyways my health has been on my mind a lot lately. I actually have a doctor appointment to get myself all checked out this week. My goal this time isn't to be skinny I just want to be healthy. I want to be able to keep up and tire out lil' man when the time comes. I don't just want to be sitting on the benches all tuckered out. I want to be showing him how its done. He isn't walking yet... emphasis on yet. He will be soon so I need to get my butt in shape. I want to be healthy but if I happen to get a smokin' hot bod along the way... so be it. hahahhahahahha

I have signed up for the Joggermom Marathon. What it is essentially that you have one month to run 26.2 miles. That is less than 6 miles a week. 1 mile a day and you are done! Awesomesauce.
Another thing that really spoke to me is that 10% of the proceeds go to the American Heart Association. I would love to do more with that cause as it is near and dear to my heart.

I am telling y'all and putting it out there that I am doing this. I am going to try to update more and make sure that I do this. I lack in follow through very badly. So if you guys have to hear about my walk/run/jog everyday for like the next month or so I apologize now... :) Since we moved we are no where near a gym so if you have any workouts or anything that can be done at home to go along with the marathon. Let me know!!

Have a great day! I promise I'll be back soon!

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