Tuesday, June 11, 2013

my take on it

This past week we rented two movies from RedBox.

Safe Haven

Warm Bodies

I will go ahead and say that I assumed I would like Safe Haven because it is a Nicholas Sparks book and I am weepy girl that loves that crap. Warm Bodies I wanted to see because it looked the perfect in between movie for boy and girl. KWIM?

I absolutely... LOVED them both!!! I'm not going to give anything away if you haven't seen them but seriously I loved them. I watched them both twice before returning them. I will be buying both of them. Mo enjoyed both of them as well. Also, I should put out there that we are NOT zombie people. We don't have cable or anything. This was the first zombie movie we have seen. It was way better than I expected. Is it just me but does the guy from Warm Bodies look like Tom Cruise to you? I know that is not him but they look similar.

Nicholas Hoult & Tom Cruise.

Were you aware that both of them are books? I knew Safe Haven was but I had no idea about Warm Bodies. I guess I have two new books on my reading list!!!

Have you seen these movies? Did you like them? Have you read the books?

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