Thursday, July 11, 2013

Song Memories

Isn't it funny when you hear a song and it brings you right back to a memory. It brings you right back to that time. You can see it, smell it... everything.

Well, I've had this thought that every once in awhile maybe once a week or twice a month something. I don't know yet. I would tell you a random song that I haven't heard in forever and the memory it evokes. Reasons would be that 1. It would get me to write more and on a more consistent basis. 2. It would get you to be able to know me a little better.

Random Song #1

Sex And Candy - Marcy Playground

Okay, I haven't heard this song in ages. My major memory of this song would be my mom and mamaw taking me to McAlpin's (Department Store) for back to school clothes. We walked in the junior department and this song was blaring. I just remember that I literally wanted to die right there of embarrassment. I could feel my blood dropping to my feet and somehow at the same time making my face bright red. I am sure they didn't even notice the song but as a young teenager and hearing the word sex on the radio with your mom and mamaw. Yikes. I believe I tried to escape and/or maybe hide in the clothes racks. Yes, I was very sheltered as a kid.

That seems so silly now.

For the next song I decided to ask my wonderful husband. Mostly, because I love to know his embarrassing stories. They make me giggle. It took a little work but I got this out of him.

Mo's Embarrassing Song Moment!

AC/DC- You Shook Me All Night Long

Mo: My very first CD was AC/DC Back in Black. So as a kid I would be blaring that CD. In the garage and playing basketball whatever. It was always on. Yeah, when I learned what the lyrics actually meant. I was so embarrassed and never wanted to play it around my mom.

So there you have it folks our embarrassing song memories. What are your embarrassing song memories?!

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