Saturday, July 20, 2013

Let's Be Corny

So for some reason we had a huge surplus of Hot Dogs in our freezer. So what that mean to most people is lets get the grill out.

Not for us. Clearly we say "hey. wanna fry something?"
Yeah. We are really healthy folks... =/

So, we had fried chicken and corn dogs for dinner one night. Again super healthy. Mo, has his special recipe for Fried Chicken. He was busy tending to the chicken legs (Yeah they were all drumsticks too...)

I made a bee line to pinterest.(hey why don't you follow me. c'mon you know you want to =P)

I found this recipe for Homemade Corn Dogs!

It was easy peezy. I will say I did not have cornmeal. I just used a box of jiffy and regular milk.

Tip: Get your oil screaming hot. My first few corn dogs were pretty ugly because I put them into too soon. so yeah if you want pretty ones don't rush and get your oil HOT!

Finished Product! Yummy! Go make these! You'll thank me! :)

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