Thursday, November 21, 2013


I try to think of clever or cute titles (for some reason I accidentally typed titties and I'll be honest I giggled...a lot) So.... I tried to think of a title for this but I got nothing. My instinct is to do it like school paper style. What I did on my Summer Vacation. All underlined and such. but alas I am no longer in 6th grade English. so I will not be doing that. anyways on with the show

Today, was one of those days that I love living in the South. Back home it is yucky outside and here it was sunny and mid to high 70's. With this wonderful weather, I was able to play outside with my monster. I love watching him play and just explore. It is so neat just to see him learn new things and just experience life for the first time.

Sometimes, I think as parents we forget that this is the first time they are doing these things. They are still learning and taking it all in. Back to today, he was just roaming around the back yard. Just exploring like little boys do. Then all the sudden he sat down and looked up. There was a flock of birds flying over. It wasn't geese or anything special just regular ole birds. They didn't even make any noise. He just noticed them. Something I probably would have never noticed or how he looks at grass. He just picks up on things that I pass by. The way he looks at the flowers and how pretty they are. He notices the majesty and awe in God's creation. He is realizing how wonderful all of these things are.

It is something that I never expected to learn being a mom. I knew I needed to take advantage my time with my child because it all goes too quick. I just never realized being a mom would teach me to pay attention to the small stuff. Notice the pretty flowers or the way the leaves turn in the wind. Notice the jets in the sky or the way cotton candy feels. Notice how enticing a Christmas tree really is or how awesome Woody is.

If you are a parent, Have you noticed this as well? Have you wanted to soak every little detail in?

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