Friday, November 1, 2013

October Recap!

Hey Y'all! It's Friday! The first day of November! Yesterday was Halloween.

With all of this I am leading up to say ...

It's ....  CHRISTMAS TIME!!!! oh yeah! I am one of them!!

But, before I hop on to the Turkey Day/ Christmas Train express. I thought instead of doing just a weekly recap I will be doing some highlights of my month!!!

So here are 6 of my most favoritest things that happened last month! (Like my good English skills???)

1. I was able to go down and visit my bestie, Jennifer! We had tons of fun and while there I got to hold an alligator!!!
2. During this visit we made lots of trips to the beach. I got to be on the Gulf for a change.
3. A life changing event occurred while with Jennifer. I saw a real life Manatee family. IN THE WILD!!!! I love manatees! They are my favorite and I can't believe I saw a mommy, daddy and a freaking BABY manatee!!! So precious. It was sad though. You could see all the scars on their backs. :( people need to slow them boats down!!!
4. Mo and I were able to go out for appetizers and dessert date without the little man! Second time ever!! Last time was.... oh....8 months ago!! It was well over due and we had a fantastic time!!
5. We all went to Jacksonville and of course as soon as we get all our stuff to the beach. It starts to POUR! It stopped within 10 minutes but I was able to see double rainbows multiple times. That city sure has my heart. #ilovejax
6. It was so nice to have some "girl" time. This picture is right before our airboat tour. I had so much fun down there. I really wish we were able to spend time together more often! Hopefully one day soon we will live in the same state or even better the same city! A girl can dream, right?
So, that is my October Recap! There are so many more but at this moment in time that is what is sticking out to me!!!
This weekend will be the start of getting the house Holiday ready!! Bring on the Spiced Apple Chai Tea and Christmas Carols!!!
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  1. You got to HOLD a gator! I am so jealous! I lived in FL for a year and my only goal was to see a gator in the wild. It didn't happen, happy to be a new follower!

  2. You saw manatees!! I'm so jealous! I'm moving to tampa area next year and seriously hoping that I'll get to see some!! New follower from the 5 on friday :) Also, great name. probably the best out there ;)