Friday, February 8, 2013

H54F!!!! 2/8

High Five for Friday!!!!

Hope y'all had a good week! I know I did!!!

1. Y'all I have found my new drink!!! A skinny chai latte with a shot of espresso! Delicious! If you like me are a lover to the pumpkin spice latte. Try this ... it will get you through till next fall. 
2. Mo took me on a surprise date. Found a baby sitter and everything. It was amazing! Our first time out as parents. I got to where my favorite heels. My patent leather red high heels. LOVE.
3. Mo made me a little flag holder by our front door. Now all of S. Georgia know I bleed blue! Not that there were really any doubts. lol
4. A picture from our date. Goodness Gracious isn't he a handsome man!! I am SO lucky.
5. I made a ton of new recipes... I think was my favorite. Philly CheeseSteak Stuffed Peppers. Post Here!


Tell me about your week!!!

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