Thursday, March 6, 2014


So with Easter right around the corner. its the season of eggs. i remember dying eggs as a kid and the house smelling like eggs and vinegar. i remember seeing kids at school with dyed fingers because they had a little too much fun. either way, i love easter. i love all holidays really.

funny story: well not that funny. Mo and i have the greatest intentions with all holidays but never quite follow through. ive always wanted to dye eggs for easter. it still hasnt happened. we have a dye kid in the cupboard. last year we bought the eggs and still didn't follow through. mostly because of ONE thing.

i hate hard boiling eggs. i never get it right. the yolk is all gray and gross. the shell never comes off right. it just was uber frustrating.

but boy howdy. do i have something to tell you.

The oven. boom. So i am sure you have all seen making hard boiled eggs in the oven on pinterest and facebook. whatever. nothing new. i know i have seen it like a kajillion times. i didn't believe it could be that easy. ya know. like hard boiling eggs is hard.

no. hard boiling eggs is EASY! i'm going to be honest here and tell you the reason i finally tried it. i was wasting time on pinterest (this was like last week BEFORE lent) i ended up on LC's blog/website. i am no huge LC fan. im not, not a fan. she just is nothing really much to me. well was. im starting to dig her after this egg miracle. she had a post on there about it. i figured what the heck. i'll try it. mark my words. I WILL NEVER MAKE HARD BOILED EGGS IN WATER AGAIN!!!!

The Miracle Recipe is...

Hard Boiled/Baked Eggs

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
2. Put eggs in cupcake pan.
3. Bake in oven for around 30 minutes (keep in mind do this according to your oven. if yours runs hot do a bit shorter time. you get it. you are not dumb!!)
4.When there is only a couple minutes of time left fill a bowl with lots of ice and water. Plus a pinch of salt.(not the slightest idea what the salt does here)
5.When eggs are done put eggs in ice water till they cool down. Seriously use tongs to pick up those eggs. those suckers are hot!!!

I did have a little brown burny spot on the shell and the egg from where it was sitting in the pan.but the yolks were perfectly yellow and the shell came right off. so its a fair trade. also, i'm not sure why the eggs had spots on them when they were out of the oven. it came off when in the water though.

 I hope you will try this out. let me know what you think!!

until next time

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  1. Ive seen that on Pinterest but have never tried it! I will have to do that this year because I too can never hard boil an egg correctly!