Sunday, March 30, 2014

Healthy Livin'

I haven't really wrote anything about this because usually when I write about it... Nothing ever happens.


But anyways I've been on the road to getting healthy for the past few months. I've lost 22 pounds!!! Which I am really excited about! Still a long journey to go but I'm freaking stoked (do ppl still say stoked?? That's how out of touch with reality I am. Lol)

So I wanted to tell you about what things I'm totally loving on my healthy journey. 

     I know I've mentioned it once before but seriously. Plexus has changed my life! I love all the products but the Plexus Slim, Accelerator and X-Factor are my favorites!!
    Here is a little bit of what the Slim and Accelerator is. Plexus Slim is a natural health and wellness drink. It was originally made for diabetics to regulate blood sugars as well as getting your levels regulated such as lipids, cholesterol etc. Then they realized that one of the main benefits was weight loss along with being much healthier. So they targeted it to everyone. You just take 1 plexus slim drink in the morning. It's a little powder stick you mix up with a bottle of water similar to crystal light. Tastes good not gross at all, tastes like a cherry tootsie pop. One of my favorite benefits is my willpower over food and sweets. I no longer want junk or sweets. Which is pretty awesome. The accelerator which most people take with the plexus slim is just a pill you'll want to take with your breakfast. It just boosts your weight loss and it does have caffeine in it. 
     The X-Factor is a multi vitamin that I just love. It is made with aloe which is great because it is proven that your body will absorb the vitamins when taken with aloe. So the vitamins are made with it  and I can tell you i feel awesome! My hair and nails are growing like crazy. My skin is feeling so much better!
You want more info?? You can check it out here or contact above!!!

2. FitBit

  So I am totally in love with my FitBit! It is a fitness tracker that you wear as a bracelet. It tracks your steps and calculates it for you. What I really love but you can't see in the picture is that it tracks your sleep!! Woah?! Right? It also has an option for silent alarms. It just vibrates on your wrist. But they are kinda touchy so don't put your life on this alarm if you know what I mean. I love that it just updates via bluetooth if you have a newer phone. The app is super easy to use. I dig it! Check it out!

3. C25K - Zen Labs

 I actually really really like this running app! I hate running/jogging i hate all of it. This makes it completely do able. For a complete inexperienced and out of shape person as I am... it is a little tough but the way it works up to it is really nice and easy going. I love how it gives you the prompts while you have your music playing. For some reason, this may sound dumb but having the app tell me to run versus me telling myself to run. I will run longer and actually do it when the app tells me to do it. But I like the whole set up and once I get finished with the 5K one I plan on getting the 13.1 and doing that! 

Yup!!! You read that right!!! I plan on doing a half-marathon! I want to get it done and my goal is to run in the Disney Princess Half Marathon!!!! BIG GOALS!!


Have you heard of a dietbet? It essentially is when you put down some amount of money and say you will lose weight. Everybody that loses the required amount of weight in the time period gets to split the pot. For what I have seen the bet you put down is usually in the 20-30 range.They have a 1 month and you lose 4% and a 6 month and you lose 10% of your body weight. This is my very first dietbet and I learned about it through SkinnyMeg. I do think this is a great incentive to lose weight. It has helped me break a plateau. so if you are interested... Check it Out!!!

Well, those are the things that I are helping me on my journey right now!! Next month it could be a totally different thing! We will see... I'll keep you updated either way though!! 

until next time

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