Saturday, March 15, 2014

What I'm digging right now

The other day I went to Target all by myself!!!!

Eeeeekkkkk!!!! I know! Every moms dream come true. Just to get some alone time at target. 
I blared some music on my old school iPod on the way there. It was epic. This song came on and I'll be honest... I am pretty sure that this song was meant for moms that get to get out of the house with no kids or husbands. Lol.

 Don't get me wrong I love spending time with my family but I think a little "you" time is necessary. Sometimes when I pull out of the driveway to go to target this is how I feel!!

So while at Target I picked up some new girl stuff. So I wanted to tell you about them! I've had a couple of things for awhile but I just need to tell you about them.

1 & 2: E.L.F - Lip Stains. Crimson Crush #31206 & Pink Petal #31021
 I don't wear lip stick. Ever. I think I look ridiculous. My lips are super wrinkley like 70 year old lady smoking pall malls wrinkley. I don't smoke so I'm not sure how I got these wrinkle lips. So, wearing lipstick makes my wrinkles look so much worse. Plus it wipes off in like 3.2 seconds. Also, the smell and taste of lipstick. Yuck. Obviously I am not a lover of the lipstick.  Yet, I've always wanted to have that bright red Marilyn lip. I look better with some sort of color on my lips. Enter Lip Stain. I am completely new to the lip stain world. I received a sample in my Birchbox once kinda liked that so here we are. I totally dig lip stain. Stays on forever. Bright color. Didn't bring too much attention to my old lady lips. Best part of it all this brand was 2 freaking dollars. Just get in my cart! *These were the only 2 colors Target had. :( on the website they have more colors I like the crimson a lot. Mo doesn't like it really and thinks it is too dark. He liked the pink which i hated on me. I felt like an ugly barbie.*

3. PlusWhite - 5 Minute Premier Whitening System
 Okay, so about a month ago i saw thing on pinterest about teeth whitening. I then tried to find it again and couldn't find it for the life of me. Now, that I have gave up pinterest for Lent I can't look but right after Easter I will be on the search again. Anyways the clip was about how you get the cheap mouth guards at Wal-Mart for under a buck, then put them in hot water for 15-30 seconds and let it form to your teeth. Then you put this whitening gel on your teeth and then the mouth guard and let it set for like 30 minutes. This stuff works!!! Like good! It is super cheap! DIY whitening trays. It rocks. Try it out!!!

4. Pure Romance - Basic Instinct
  Okay, this is my second bottle of this stuff. I am absolutely in love with it. I know it says sex attractant and before you think I am a creep. Just hold on a sec. This perfume does or it did have pheramones in it which I guess could be a "sex attractant". The reason I am in love with this is because the smell changes for every single person. It generally just smells sweet but when it mixes with your body chemistry the smell changes. It smells great on me. I love it. I've tried it on everyone and the smell changes. On my husband it goes from sweet to smelling like wood and ceder like. I am not sure how it does it but Oh MY Lanta do I love this stuff!! PS. Pure Romance is a sex toy party thing. So do what you want with that but this stuff is legit.

5. BB Cream - Garnier
  I like the idea of BB cream. It has a bunch of stuff in it to make your skin better. It is not super full coverage which is exactly what I like. It's perfect for me as a mom it takes like 14 seconds to put on. Awesomesauce. The problem I have found with most BB creams is that since it has a moisturizer in it, it can make my combination skin gross. Add in some South Georgia humidity and its nasty. Also, SPF is good for me. SO far I am digging this. It stays on pretty well, it has a little bit more full coverage than normal for me but its okay. Doesn't make my face a huge grease ball. It was about 12 bucks which is a ton better than the 50 dollar one I liked from birchbox. I'll update you once it gets warmer here and how its holding up in the heat.

6.L'Oreal - Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara
  I heard about this mascara from Mama Lauglin. This is what she uses and her eyelashes are ridiculous. Forrealz. So what the hey lets give it a whirl. For a "Drugstore" makeup it is not bad at all. I will use it till its gone most likely. It is my favorite mascara ever. No. It made them a little longer but nothing dramatic for me. I guess because I am used to putting a primer on my lashes then mascara. So for someone that doesn't do that then this may be a good one for them. It was like 8 or 9 dollars. I think it is worth a try. It came off easily in warm water. I am just kinda blah about it. I really want to try the Younique mascara. problem is its 30 dollars for it!!! Yikes thats like a gas or a meal out. I will probably try it out just because I am super curious about it.

 *Here is my face with the pretty much everything on. Yeah I know it is a terrible selfie but I was just sending this pic to my friend to see what she thought of the crimson lip stain.*

So there ya go... My fav's for right now. This all could change tomorrow! If I find some more stuff I love I will let y'all know!

Have a great weekend!!!!

until next time

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  1. The Loreal mascara is my favorite!!! It's amazing because the clean up is so easy!!!