Monday, November 24, 2014


I had a giant breakthrough!

Y'all. BIG.

I ran infront of my husband. Not like he just passed by me while I was on the treadmill. He full on saw me! I even had a short-mostly out of breath-few syllable- conversation.

I know this isn't a huge deal but generally I try to leave my exercising completely invisible to my lovely husband. I was way too embarrassed of my self for him to see me running.  Out of shape, sweaty, jiggly. It was and is too much. I can't believe I got this far where running a mile is something I need to work up to.


here I am. A changed woman. Last night, he came into the bedroom and saw me running and I didn't flinch. I wasn't counting down the seconds or just stopping so he wouldn't see how bad or out of shape I was. From now on I will run freely without embarrassment.

Ya know what... I am proud of myself. For 24 days in a row I have worked out. I feel good and more confident. I am running longer and quicker than i ever have. I feel like whatever that was supposed to "click" finally has. I feel like I have went around that corner and I am not looking back!

I know I am not where I need or want to be but I am on my way! It may take me years to be at my goal weight but the time will pass anyway.

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