Saturday, September 6, 2014

Blogtember: Currently

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 Can you believe it we are on Day 6 of the Blogtember challenge! 

Todays challenge is Currently..

Reading...At the moment nothing. Yesterday I finished Deep Dish by Mary Kay Andrews.  It was cute and a good easy quick read. It had a cooking theme so I enjoyed that.

Playing... again nothing.I play a lot of Buzz and Woody with the Kiddo. My husband and I play a lot of quick games of crazy 8's if we have a little time to kill.

Watching... I watched The Watch last night and I have been reminded on how much I love that movie. How could you not? Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn and Jonah Hill. Sign me up!

Trying... to stay awake I feel like I could pass out on the keyboard at any second.

Cooking...We went to the store tonight so in the morning I will be making Chili and Chunky Apple Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting.

Eating... Nothing now. I am stuffed. We ate at a local pizza Buffet tonight and it was good but there were some birthday parties there. Do people not watch their children anymore?

Drinking... Water with drops of Lemon Essential Oils.

Calling... Nobody its late. Hopefully hear from my mom sometime though. My Mamaw has been put into the hospital today for a stroke so please be in prayers for her. Last I heard she has her speech back but I am hoping my mom has more good news the next time I talk to her.

Texting... last text was from Target telling me I have new coupons. Not sure if that is sad or awesome.

Pinning... Some fall crafts and Christmas everything. I love me some Christmas!

Crafting... Finishing up my Cincinnati Bengals/ Halloween wreath. Yeah I made a dual purpose wreath. BooYeah!

Doing... Just this little ole blog.

Going... out of my mind with hiccups.

Loving... my cute little family. I am truly blessed.

Hating... Seafood smell. Passed the seafood section in Winn-Dixie and Yuck that was a strong smell.

Discovering... How bad I need a haircut. Holy splitends Batman!

Enjoying... my Duck Pants. I have had these rubber duck pajama pants since the 7th grade. For a reference I am 28 years old. So yeah these pants are old but they are soooo dang comfy.

Thinking... about my Mamaw.

Feeling... tired/stressed/sad

Hoping for... a great nights rest and good news!!

Listening to... Unfortunately, I am listening to some video my husband is watching about Monster Trucks and Bigfoot.

Celebrating... That we were able to go to Church tonight so I can sleep in, in the morning. Hopefully.

Smelling... Di-gize essential oils.

Thanking... God for all he does for us and I know his plans are better than mine.

Considering... starting to work on the Childrens book I want to write.

Finishing... two infinity scarves and some curtains for the kitchen.

Starting... to notice some very small arm muscles from doing my pushups every day. boom boom pow.

so that is my currently list. So what is going on with you?

Also, again my family and I would really appreciate if you could pray for my mamaw. Thank you!

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