Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Blogtemeber: You don't know but...

Brave Love Blog 

 Hey Y'all!!! Are you guys having a fabulous day?? I have been having a superb day. I built a chalkboard today. Woah. Can you believe it? Well, that is something you didn't know but onto some other ones...

Today's prompt: "Most people don't know this but..."


I have this weird thing about how things feel. If it feels weird I have to wipe it off. Now there isn't actually anything on me. I just have to wipe my hand off on something else like my shirt or pants leg. or my husband.

I do not like clothes that should be seperate items but are sewn into one. For example shirts and sweaters. You are actually wearing a sweater with sewn in collars and shirt tails. Some reason they creep me out.

I name everything. I will change names of restaurants and stores to whatever comes in my mind better. We have an ice cream store that is called "the scoop" I have always called it "the shack". My poor husband has to keep track of all these things.

I love grapes and wine but hate grape flavored items. Grape Kool Aid. Yuck

I will drive faster in a car than a SUV. If its lower to the ground the faster I will go.

I enjoy a motorcycle ride.

I have been married twice to the same man. No divorces. but that is a different story for a different day.

i just learned how to wink this year.

i can fit a whole white castle in my mouth.

i know all the words to baby got back

Well, that is about all i can think of at the moment! What are some fun facts about you???



  1. Oh that cracks me up that you just learned to wink. But hey, flaunt it girl haha!!!

    1. The sad part is I find myself doing it all the time now. I am afraid I am going to wink at some waiter somewhere. lol My husband says my winks look like how vince vaughn winks, not really sure if its a compliment or not. :)