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Blogtember: Livin' Our Love Song

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Today I have to write about our love story.

I have never actually wrote this down before. After I started writing it I realized that it was going to be incredibly long. So I have decided to a couple follow up posts and write it all down so i don't leave anything out. So here is part one

Short Story Version: Many moons ago a lost princess found her prince charming. He showed her what true love actually is. Now and forever they have love, laughter and a happily ever after.

Long version.

I had been in a on and off again relationship for a lot longer than it ever needed to be. I was in my "girls just wanna have fun" stage. didn't want to be in a relationship. i think that's when love hits you hard...when you aren't looking for it.

     So, on February 1, 2008 I was supposed to be going on a "double date" i say this very loosely because i wasn't on the date part. i was just with a friend who had just went on a break up and i was on the "off again" stage. (it was the final off. thank god) My darling husband was supposed to bring a lady friend and we were all supposed to hang and get a few drinks. Thankfully for me she didn't come. So it was just me and two other fellas. I had never met Mo before. My friend Greg always described him as a huge red neck country bumpkin. I was really expecting a huge guy in overalls with no shirt and some missing teeth. So i was very pleasantly surprised.

     We went out to dinner at Frisch's. (oh lord what I would do for a big boy right now.) I remember him taking his baseball hat off when we got to the table. I told him that was cute, it is something you don't see too often anymore. Unfortunately.  He was and is very much a gentleman. Afterwards, we went to Newport on the Levee where the bar was. We were down there way too early to go the bar. So I convinced both men to go see 27 dresses. They both wanted to go see some rambo type movie. I told them that I heard that 27 dresses had boobs in it. It didn't. Not that it mattered. They would have seen it either way. lol. still makes me giggle. I easily got two very manly men to go see a romantic comedy. We went to the bar and I was DD. Mo was a perfect gentleman the entire time per the norm. The next night after I got off work I met with Greg and we went up to Mo's little Indiana town to see some true redneckery. Greg was DD this time. I practically met the whole town and had a great time. Even met one of my future bridesmaids.

     From this time on. The circle as we called it went out every weekend. Either in Kentucky or Indiana. We went to concerts, monster truck shows, got stuck in some blizzards and just had way too much fun. Then on my hubby's birthday. He was acting funny but he mustered up the courage to ask me to a wedding in May as his date.  Pretty much after his birthday we started to spend a lot of time together. Every weekend. I took him out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse sometime after that for his birthday and he thought it was crazy I was doing anything for him.  Apparently, the girls he had been around weren't the most giving. who knows.

     Memorial day weekend of 2008. We were watching tv and there was just this nervous exciting energy in the air. The windows of my apartment were open and that cool summer air was flowing in. The sun had set and it was dark but the street and parking lot lights were on barely lighting up the room. We were laying in my bed watching something. I remember him looking at me and you could tell he was thinking about something else. He looked down at me and said "i love you". i remember hearing it and it felt like i could breathe for the first time. My whole body was suddenly on fire yet cold and tingling. Clearly, i said it back. FYI he still does this to me.

     That summer was full of fun and a lot of driving. Did I mention that we lived an hour away from each other? It isn't a huge amount of distance but enough when you are truly,madly, deeply in love with someone. At the end of the summer he left for a work conference in Vegas. (still a little jelly about this :/) This was the first time we were truly apart. He came back and was back for a week or two then he left to work in the Little Cayman Islands. This was a really hard time for the both of us. We barely got to talk to each other. I was absolutely heart broken. He was down there in the middle of hurricane season and of course while he was there a big one hit. There was no power. no nothing. I remember just watching the weather channel trying to see what was going on. When he came back it was just like my heart exploded. From that moment on there was no more of this is just a fun relationship. We both knew that this was real and it was going to last.

Around thanksgiving we moved into our own apartment. In that tiny little Indiana town. The rent for a 2 bedroom apartment was only 450 a month. lol Can you believe that little for rent?? It was a crappy little apartment but it was enough. In February I was in a car accident and totaled my car. Mo was so worried about me and I remember when he finally got his hands on me. One of the most wonderful feelings ever. I had hit ice and went through about 4-5 lanes on the interstate and smashed into a concrete barrier. thankfully i was fine and i did not even touch another car.  this is saying something for driving at 6pm on a monday night. it was very busy and God really took care of me. In April, Mo had surgery and I took care of him and nursed him back to health.

Next time we will talk about how he put a ring on it... :) with way better pictures!!!


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  1. What a lovely story and so well to explore the rest of your blog (a little - am tired)...thank you for your comment on my blog xx