Monday, September 15, 2014

Blogtember: Vacation Collage

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 Whoops I missed yesterday. I suck at this whole 30 day blogging challenge. In my defense I was having a great time at the new local winery. So it is what is. lol

Today we needed to make a collage of something. I decided to make a collage of the hopefully little mini vaca we are planning.

1. Trulia- We are using this little mini vaca to hopefully have a ton of fun and scout out some future living places.
2. Champagene- So we are getting a hotel at the beach and we may be having a little date on that patio with the ocean view.
3. This is the pool at the hotel we are thinking about staying
4. Sweet Pete's. If you visit Jacksonville. You have to check this place out! It is a candy store but its all like natural and made in house. It is delicious! Great for people with a sweet tooth and if you are looking not for all the processed stuff.
5. Beach. Duh?!
6. Y'ALL! MAPLE STREET BISCUIT COMPANY!!!!!!! I can't even begin to start to explain to you how aaaaahhhhhh mazing this place is. It is like woah. words can't even describe the amazingness of this place. just go there. thank me later.

So, that is what we are planning. Praying everything works out. Things have been a little crazy here so fingers crossed!

What do you have going on?? Any vacations getting planned??


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