Monday, January 21, 2013

ABC easy as 1,2,3!!

Alright, I saw that Liz at Beyond Blonde Blog did this... So, I thought I would Copy her. :)
A - Available or Married?


B - Book?

Stephanie Plum Series - Janet Evanovich

C - Cake or Pie?


D - Drink of Choice?

Water or Iced Sweetened Green Tea

E - Essential Item?

iPhone or iPad

F - Favorite Color?


G - Game to Play or Watch?

Watch - College Basketball! UK Wildcats!!! Go Big Blue!!!
Baseball- Cincinnati Reds!

H - Hometown?

Northern Kentucky

I - Indulgence?

Green Tea

J - Job?

Stay at Home Mom

K - Kids and Names?

Harold & Mabel - Furry Children
Lil Monster

L - Life is Incomplete Without?

Jesus. Family. Love

M - Music Group or Singer?


N - Number of Siblings?


O - Oranges or Apples?


P - Phobias or Fears?
The Dark

Q - Favorite Quote?

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.
Walt Disney

R - Reason to Smile?

I have a Strawberry Trifle in the fridge!!! Mmmmm!!!!

S - Season?

Spring & Summer. Not that down here we really have a Spring.

T - Tattoo?

Fins Up on my right foot. Papaw's Girl & Carpe Diem on my Left wrist. Daisy on my left back side.

U - Unknown Fact About You?

My closet is in a very particular order. Color Coded Red-Pink-Orange-Yellow-Green-Blue-Light Blue-Purple-Brown-White-Gray-Black. In each color it is in order by sleeve lengths. Short to Long.

V - Vegetable You Love?

Asparagus or Brussels Sprouts!

W - Worst Habit?

Biting my Nails. For Sure. I'm trying to keep them painted so I won't bite them.

X - X-Rays You've Had?


Y - Your Favorite Food?

Chicken Milanese with a Tomato Caper Relish

Z - Zodiac?



  1. Thanks for stopping by! I enjoyed reading your ABC's too :)

    I'm a new follower - looking forward to posts including your Basset!

  2. I loved reading this :) I might even steal it myself! :)