Thursday, January 3, 2013

Furry Children

Okay... Strange Confession. I haven't used the restroom by myself since late 2009. Why? You may be asking... well I will tell you. My Furry Children...they follow me everywhere. Oh well. I love them to pieces.

  I have had my first dog since then. Harold the Hound. You can clearly tell he is a Bassett. He beyond a doubt is the most handsome dog ever, right? Then in 2011, Harold got a sister my little Mabel Mae she is a Border Collie Terrier mix. She is my little shadow. She follows me everywhere!! She even sleeps above my head at night in between the pillows and the wall. Just watching and protecting.  Well, here are some pictures of my furry children. I'm sure you will be seeing more of them...

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