Sunday, January 13, 2013

Week 2: Egg McMuffin

Okay.... Again I am late. I know I said I was going to do Food Friday. I promise this upcoming week I will have it out first thing Friday Morning!!

So Here is my Food. I tried my hands at making Egg McMuffins I went from this recipe.

1. You bake your eggs for 25 minutes... I think it could probably be less. The recipe or guideline said to use a wider cupcake pan or a whoopie pan. I wasn't about to buy a new pan just to try it out. If you  had one of those pans... use that.

2. Cook Sausage according to directions.
3. After the first batch... I realized it made mine too tall. You can't really eat them unless you squish them.

4. So for the next batch I cut everything in half and put them on the english muffin like that. I covered it in cheese and put in the oven. It was much better that way for me. The melted cheddar held all the food together.
All together they were pretty good. It is nice to have some made up breakfast in the freezer.

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