Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Baby Food

Good Afternoon! I hope y'all are having a wonderful Wednesday.

I never thought I would be excited about baby food but here I am excited about baby food. Crazy?! How'd did this crazy party girl turn into a mom that gets excited about home-made baby food? I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the cutest little monster on the face on the planet...Anyways... I digress.

SO... I make my own baby food and it is really awesome! I came upon a this site that gives you every step and know how to do it. Why not, right? I love to cook... it can't be that hard and it is totally easy. Easy peezy lemon squeezy.

Pros: Easy,Saves $, Good for monster
Cons: a little messy (that could just be me... I seriously am the messiest cook on the face of the planet)

     1. Get Pears, cutting board, knife, Steam basket
     2. Cut pears. Make sure you get all the seeds out. Did you know if you cut on the angle like that after you quarter it... it will cut the whole seeds and hard part out? I know that sounds pretty simple but I always hated coring fruit until I saw Rachel Ray do it like this once.
     3. Chop pears.
     4. Watch out for sneaky husbands...


     5. I steamed the pears because I left the skins on. You don't have to steam them if you peel the pears. Then put in a blender or a food processor and blend away, my friend.
     6. Freeze. I bought the rubbery silicone ice trays from a local kitchen supply store. They were a 2/pack for $5. This ice tray makes 15 ice cubes which hold about 1 ounce each. Score. I am aware these are a little/ a lot on the brown side. It was because I left the skins on the pears and then steamed them. Also, they are on the runny side so I probably will have to add cereal to them to thicken them up a tad.
Not including freezing time this probably took me MAX 30 minutes.
I made roughly 24 oz of food. I also did not cook all the pears I bought. I bought a 3 lb bag of pears for 4.99. So just for the amount of food I made it comes to about .21 cents an ounce. Technically I know it is should be less because we ate some of the pears. Either way it sounds pretty good to me. The cheapest baby food I could find around here is around $1 for a 2/pk and it just gets more expensive.
I would highly suggest doing some research on making your own baby food and if it may be something you are into. Do it!

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