Saturday, January 19, 2013


Have I told you (lately that I love you) that I love things that are tiny i.e. samples or travel size things? I also love things in bulk. Love me a trip to Sam's.


With my love of samples and beauty products. I was absolutely thrilled when I discovered the Birchbox.

I stumbled upon it at The Small Things Blog. I received my very first Birchbox on Christmas Eve. How fitting, huh? It was awesome. I took no pictures because I tore into it like a crazy kid. If you are unaware of what is a Birchbox. Let me tell you of the pure genius that is the Birchbox. You pay 10 bucks a month with free shipping and they send you higher end beauty samples. I really like it because I live in a small town with no nice makeup places. If I want higher end I have to travel 2 1/2 hours. Lets be real... If I have to drive that long with a baby I don't have time for samples or whatever else. I have to be on a mission.

So with the Birchbox I am able to try it out and then if I like it just order it online through Birchbox and I get points for my purchase. Score!!!

Seriously, why didn't I think of this?!

So here is what is in my January Birchbox!!!

I'll update once I've tried it all!!!

Update: I tried the Nectar Thermique and I am totally impressed. It's a leave in conditioner and it is aaaahhhhhmazing. I washed my hair like normal and used only half of the sample. I air dried my hair and I'm not going to lie to you fine folks. My hair feels like silk. My Lord I could run my fingers through it all the time.

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