Sunday, January 20, 2013


Everybody has a Honey-Do List, right? Especially since Pinterest came along.

My wonderful husband does have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest. I always have something for him to do... Always. I am so blessed to be married to not only the best husband ever but also to be married to a genuine certified Journeymen Carpenter. He is/was a gosh darn professional. He no longer does it as his primary profession but now he actually gets to do it for wants and needs. As in my wants and needs. :) Oh  yeah... I'm a lucky girl.

To prove to you how awesome he is take a look at this amazing boat shelf/wine rack. There are plenty of other things but this is my favorite. If you look on the shelves underneath the stain you can see little love notes he left for me... Isn't he sweet?!

*This picture does not do it justice. It seriously is beautiful and amazing.
Honey-Do List

I am asking for a jewelry organizer like this but with a smaller necklace holder and ring holder. I don't need that but I need quite a bit of earring and bracelet holders. Also it will be wall mount. Oh and it will have my magic mirror on the front... I will explain that on a different post. It really is magic.
You can buy this jewelry organizer here.

An Office in a chest. How clever!! Martha shows how you to make an existing chest into an office chest but Mo will be making the chest as well. #winning

A makeup organizer/holder. This is for the both of us. We both hate when all my make up and hair products clutter the counter. So this way it makes it look all neat and tidy and I can easily get to it all.

Hair product holder. Again, so it won't be on the counter. I hate spending money on nice products and then I throw it under the sink to never be found again. I like access to all my stuff. I need to see it all to decide. Check out this bathroom, I love it!!
This is just the beginning of my Honey-Do List. Heaven help us when we actually own a house. Mo will be busy FOR-EV-ER!!!! (sandlot reference, anybody?)
What things are on your Honey-Do List or are you doing it yourself?

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  1. Love the boat wine rack!!! Amazing! I wish I had the magnetic makeup holder too.