Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Okay I am not a big tv watcher unless it is already on. We only own one tv and it is in the living room. We will not be putting a tv in our bedroom or our sons bedroom. I just feel it isn't necessary. BUT. A huge but... I have two shows that I absolutely adore.

1. Once Upon a Time - oh my gosh!!! This show is SO good!!! It is so addicting! It is in its second season and I have been watching it since the beginning. The first season is on Netflix. If you haven't watched any of it yet. I highly recommend it watch all of it. Amazing!!!! Sundays @ 8 on ABC!

2. The Biggest Loser - Okay. Jillian is finally back. Thank the Lord. I seriously love all the trainers now. Everybody knows what this show is about. I just love that it is so inspiring. Every time I watch it it makes me want to get up an get moving. Which is always a good thing. Mondays @ 8 on NBC!

Check these shows out. You won't be disappointed! What do you like to watch on the ole boob tube?

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